need help with discussion question that is due by Wednesday 10/05/2016 by 8:30pm

the discussion answer has to be at least 3/4 page long..


I want to place you in the Director’s seat! Rather than give a prediction about where theater is headed in the future, I want you to tell me where (in your opinion) should theater be headed?! 

Knowing everything you know about past and contemporary theater styles and trends, where (if you were director) would your theater be headed? I know you have chewed upon a similar topic recently in our past Discussions. However, I want you to think beyond the present, I want you to delve into the future. Have an objective, create a landscape/blueprint of a futuristic theater that you would like to merge in the year 2025. What would your theater look like? What would you incorporate from the past, what would you maintain from the contemporary and how would you change to meet the demands of the future? Would you incorporate the newest technology, music, social justice issues, trends? 

 If I walked into your theater company 10 -20 years from now, what would I see? Describe it, paint it, give me a landscape a vision (your vision). Don’t just tell me where you think theater is headed, I want to know (as director) what is your conceptual design for the future and where is your theater headed?! Be creative, be in charge! 

For this Discussion, you are the trendsetters, you discuss your vision, you set a goal and paint a landscape, a blueprint of your futuristic conceptual theater! Will it be sensory, can I feel the seats and earth move beneath my feet? Will water not only immerse the actors, but the audience as well? You decide! As artistic director where do you want your theater to go? Describe what that might look like, feel like, smell like, sound like? If you want to stay traditional and you detest high technology and futuristic trends, then by all means say so. What will your theater look like in the future? Then tell me why? Why would you move your theater (as artistic director) in that direction. 

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