module 9

Part 1:Answer the module review questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.

  1. What are the motivations for an organization to have a good supply chain management (SCM) system?
  2. Define SCM in your own words, and list the major types of SCM software.
  3. List the four drivers of SCM and how they impact the system’s responsiveness.
  4. What are the major components of e-SCM? And what is e-procurement?
  5. What are the elements and benefits of SCM integration?
  6. Define the role of CRM in your own words. What are the key differences between today’s CRM and the early generation of CRMs?
  7. What are the major types AND major components of CRM?
  8. Briefly describe the customer relationship processes, and explain what is meant by a “hosted CRM.”

Part 2: Evaluate the online CRM system of your bank. What are the key functions included? What is missing? Is it a factor in your banking choice?


Part 3: Discuss the cultural factors organizations must understand in order to do business on a global scale.


Part 4: SAP is another giant that provides ERP solutions for organizations. SAP ERP consists of several modules, including utilities for marketing and sales, field service, product design and development, production and inventory control, human resources, finance and accounting.

AS a contrast to the Oracle research paper in Module 7, write a similar research report describing SAP key ERP systems. Your report should include:

  • a description of each ERP
  • a list and description of each associated models
  • the intended purpose of each ERP and model(s)
  • pricing, and other relevant technical and functional data

At the end of the report, create a separate section and write your own reflection of the solutions provided.

Your report should be a minimum of three (3) pages, include proper references, and use current APA formatting.

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