MHR 6551




  1. Thinking about performance improvement, what areas of your organization would you currently view as opportunities for improvement, and what is currently being done to improve the performance? How would a needs analysis help the current situation?

  2. Recall the most dynamic training session that you participated in as a learner, and discuss the training techniques used for delivering the session. Now, do the same for the least dynamic training session in which you ever participated.

  3. Describe a recent change that you have experienced, and discuss whether or not it was a success, and why. What emotions were involved? What would you do differently next time?

  4. Identify and discuss your experience or expectations of data collection methods to evaluate an HRD program that you have implemented or plan to implement in the future. What obstacles might be experienced in data collection, and how can you overcome them? What is important to the various stakeholders in an HRD evaluation?

  5. 1. Describe a positive coaching experience and the results you experienced.

    2. Describe a negative coaching experience and the results you experienced.

  6. Compare and discuss the successes and obstacles that you have experienced in both career management and management development.




Each 200 words


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