Marketing Unit 6

Assignment: KapConsultants’ Training: Marketing Strategy- Place

Distribution is the second component of the marketing mix, otherwise known as Place. An important subject in marketing, Place is concerned with making products available when and where customers want them. The two fundamental topics concerning distribution that you will learn about include channels of distribution (Marketing Channels) and supply chain management.

As part of your marketing plan for the new product idea you are developing as a Marketing Associate for KapConsultants, you will develop the Distribution or Place component of the marketing strategy section in your basic marketing plan for your final project. As part of your training at KapConsultants, watch the following presentation on developing Section IV of your marketing plan: Click Here

Be sure to execute the following items to complete your Unit 6 Assignment:

  • Watch the presentation to learn about the distribution component of the marketing mix: Click Here

  • Download and read the example basic marketing plan to help guide your learning.

  • Using the template provided, develop Section IV pertaining to the Distribution or Place component of the Marketing Mix for your new product idea you will propose for your chosen company.

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