marketing management

What does the brand Nike mean in today’s society? 2. How has Nike evolved over time? 3. What is the target market(s) for Nike? Has it changed from the past? 4. How is the competition positioned? This part has to be at least 2 pages and with references from articles and not media outlets. We can pick which ones we want to answer. Since we have not heard from Belinda it will be up to use 3 to complete this assignment because the professor noted yesterday that if you were not actively participating by yesterday that she may award a “0”. For Part Two we need to anser these questions: 1. What celebrities endorse your brand (i.e. Nike)? Are they a good fit? To what target market do they connect? 2. What other celebrities could be connected to your brand? Explain why? 3. What about the competition? What kind of endorsers do they use? This part has to be at least 2 pages as well and we can use references from any media outlet.

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