Managing Innovation Assignment (WEEK 4)

Managing Innovation Assignment (WEEK 4)

This is Managing Innovation course (MGMT307). To sum it all there are 4 tasks to complete. Task 1,2, and 4 can be written in one document. Please write a separate document for task 3. Also attached to this are the documents that will be useful to complete the tasks.


FOR TASK 3: My prof is very diligent on the format of paper. I will upload my previous essay, with his written comments, so you can have a better understanding on what he wants in the essay.


Here are the tasks and agreement details.


Task 1 (Video comment exercise)


What is Knowledge Management?

Comment on the video.


150 words and provide at least one references.


Task 2


Discuss the ways of managing knowledge in a company. Hint: Define knowledge and use of technology. Provide at least TWO academic references supporting your arguments (use EBSCO)


150 words and provide 2 references.




Case Study Assignments: Minimum 750 words (excluding title page and bibliography). Minimum 3 valid online academic references including their respective URLs. Follow APA.


Please take a look at the PDF file (Case_Study_The_Evolution_of_the_Bicycle.pdf)


Task 4 (Weekly Summary)


Please write a brief comment on your view of the week. This is where you write about what you learned, missed, or wished you had covered. The course objective for the week is stated below. It may help you to write for this summary task.


Learning Objectives for the week:


  • Explain the significance of technology trajectories for firms investing in technology
  • Recognize the importance of firm-specific competencies in generating long term profits
  • Provide an understanding of the role of an organization’s knowledge base in determining innovative capability
  • Provide an understanding of the concept of the ‘learning organization’
  • Recognize the importance of technical and commercial capabilities in innovation management
  • Recognize a variety of different innovation strategies

150 words, NO reference needed.

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