Jazz music impression

write your impressions about these jazz songs that listed.


1. Cardiovascular
2. Cud Ba-rith
3. Respiratoty Flow
4. Cinema Saga
5. 9 to 5
6. Little Girl I’ll Miss You
7. Pi
8. Pad Thai
9. Flint
10. Sinews
11. Reflex
12. Fire Revisited

13. Our man higgins

14. On a clear day

15. Body&soul

16. My favorite things

17. long as you’re living

18. good morning heatache

19. blame it on the alcohol

20. day dreaming

21. you’ve got it made


5 sentences of impression per one song.


 you can listen to the songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCmoVWpWYm4 but


I do not care if the each impression is correct or not. just use your imagination and creat it.



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