international finance due 02/22/2015



DUE:  02/22/2015, Sunday  19:00




Answers related to International Trade Finance:

1.  What are the documents of international trade?
2.  What are the risks of international trade?

3.  What is the role of government in international trade?


Answers related to the European Union (EU): 

4.   What is the role of the ECB?

5.   What is the effect of euro on the members’ economies? 

6.   What is the relationship between EU and U.S.A.? W

7.  What could be the future of the EU?




All answers should be complete and concise (to the point) and in a WORD document.


Complete answer/s is more important than just having a lengthy answer but each answer should at least be 150 words except for question #7 which should be at least 200 words.


Answers to questions #1 – 3 should be in the context of International Trade Finance.

Answers to questions #4 – 7 should be in the context of the European Union.




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