Identify and Critically evaluate two current topics or issues in management

APA format, template attached that will be required to be used.



The Assignment (3–5 pages):

Identify and critically evaluate two current topics or issues in management. Do the following in your analysis:

·         Briefly identify and summarize each topic or issue.

·         Explain:

o   Why each is worthy of critical analysis

o   Their importance to organizations in general

o   The implications for management

o   Their relationship to positive social change

After you have finished writing your analysis, skip down a few lines and write a few comments related to your experience using the Walden Library and searching for articles. Address the following points:

·         Briefly describe your article search process.

·         Identify the Walden Library databases you searched.

·         Identify the journals you chose.

·         Explain why you selected those journals.

·         Explain how you assessed whether or not the journals were peer reviewed.

·         Explain how this experience affects your approach to searching for articles in the Walden Library database the next time you are required to do so for an Assignment.

Include a Reference List. (This should already be part of the course paper template.)


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