I need help please!!!

I need help please!!!

I am responsible for this one bullet that is highlighted in pink as well as the type of multimedia tool. It should be put in a slide.


Historical Perspective project: Medicare/Medicaid


You are employed by the local government and you have been assigned to work with a team in educating the health care consumers of your community about Medicare or Medicaid. You and your team have been tasked with creating a multimedia tool that will be made available at any local government office with this information.


For example, choose from the following:





Another medium approved by your instructor

  • Discuss the health and societal issues that impacted the development of the Medicare/Medicaid health care policy.
  • What was the objective to be accomplished in forming a policy of Medicare/Medicaid?
  • Identify the various stakeholders involved in the creation of this policy.
  • Focus on a level of government (Federal, State or local) and the role and function it had in the process of implementing the policy.

Submit your assignment for grading.

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