I need help in my homework

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I need help in my homework

Essay Two: Choose one of the topics in Exploring Language.  How do you respond to the authors’ ideas on the issues related to the topic?  As you read through the topics in Exploring Language, you will find many issues that arise from each topic.  In essay two you are to identify what you consider to be the key issues surrounding the topic of your choice from Exploring Language, and argue your position.


You are required to use references from the book.  Outside sources are not required although you may use them if you wish.  Your argument will contain the elements of the Toulmin method, which we will learn in class.  This essay will be a minimum of seven pages.


it should be at least 5 pages and counter arugment in this essay.


my topic is based on the topic “No detail is too small for Girls Answering a simple question” by Tony Kornhesier 


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