I am looking for someone to polish a rough draft for me while including a project flowchart, data collection, and strategy managment.

  1. Start by researching and identifying data collection tools that would be appropriate for your OIP.
  2. Select one appropriate tool and use it to collect your data. It may not be possible to collect actual data for your OIP within the time constraints and scope of this course. Instead, you may need to make assumptions about the data you would expect to collect.
  3. Evaluate the data to draw relevant information from your results.
  4. Analyze how your results enhance, support, or change the portions of the OIP you have already developed, including the problem statement, flowchart, measurement strategy, and anticipated recommendations        After completing these steps, write a paper that includes the following:
  5. A brief evaluation of the most appropriate tools and techniques for collecting real or anticipated data for your OIP.
  6. An explanation of why the data collection tool you have chosen is best suited for your OIP. Include the following as appendices to your paper:
    • A prototype or template of the tool proposed.
    • A realistic data sample, either real or simulated, using your collection tool.
  7. A description of your data collection process. If you are using a simulated data collection, describe the process you would have used.
  8. A summary describing how the data results enhance, support, or change the following:
    • The problem statement.
    • The flowchart.
    • The measurement strategy.
    • Your anticipated recommendations.

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