homework for Chicano culture

Read the pages from the book (only the pages listed down below)


Chomsky, Aviva. They Take our Jobs! and 20 Other Myths About Immigration

            Parts 1 & 2, Myths 1 through 9

1.     A Note on Terminology  (vii-x)

2.     Introduction   (xi-xxvi)

3.     Parts 1 & 2, Myths 1 through 9 (1 thru 74)


Answer the questions and include the page number of the answer after every each answer. 


1.   Know the terms introduced in the “Terminology” section.


2.   Identify 3 main points Chomsky presents in the Introductory Chapter


3.   For each of the 9 chapters on Myths, take notes on:


a.     The myths, and

b.     Her arguments that disprove the myths

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