homework 8 pages (research)

I. Introduction/Theoretical Framework –

This will be several paragraphs long and must
• summarize the purpose of the study as well as the background (theoretical framework)
• summarize significance of the study.
• Why is this study important? In this section you will have your literature review.
• Your literature review should summarize what others have done on your topic.
• Analyze what your review of the literature showed you. This must be written in the past tense.
• As this is a qualitative study, you can cite the literature of previous studies in the findings and interpretations sections as well.


II. Methodology –

• State the type of study.
• Note how the study was conducted – type of sampling method utilized.
• Where the study was conducted?


III. Conclusions/Recommendations –
• Are the conclusions consistent with the findings?
• Are they logical?
• Is there a discussion of the limitations of the research design?
• Should something else have been looked at?
• Are the implications of the research discussed?
• Are there recommendations for further research?


i have listed everything in bullet points


15 credible sources

APA 6th edition Format


i need facts not opinions




6 of the 8 pages needs to be introduction/theatrical framework
last 2 pages needs to be last to bullets

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