write a 100 to 150 word-essay in which you discuss concisely but thoughtfully what is the real force behind the making of US energy policy. Is it popular and government concern about the environment, or Israeli concern about the economic power of Arab-dominated OPEC, or both? Could ‘giant’ US become solar energy-dependent on ‘minuscule’ Israel? How and why does an Israeli company, NOT an American company, receive over $1 billion in US government loans to provide power for almost 1 million California homes? 

This is serious requirments!!

 should be 150-200 words You must provide in-text brief citations of your sources When you use sources you must quote or paraphrase, this is for the blog.


assignment 2 the home work : 

write a 200 to 300 word-essay summarizing your findings and conclusions which MUST be illustrated by citing (only in text) the correct compared figures from the CIA Factbook and from the assigned materials about “Who gets what from Middle East oil” (do not submit tables or separate figures with the essay).


and you sould read the files and the links carefully

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