History Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography:


Prepare an annotated bibliography of ten (10) secondary resources to identify the “historical place” of Western society from approximately AD 300 AD 1700.  These resources should be books of academic standing and not a reference resource (e.g., encyclopedia) or primary source.  


Each annotation should include a bibliographic citation in MLA format and an evaluative summary of 150 words (no more or less). It will be 10 books, that means every book should write an evaluative summary of 150 words (no more or less).This should include a summary of the book, an evaluation of its merit, and how it connects to your overall argument.


After you write an evaluative summary of 150 words for every book. You Must write an overall conclusion 250 words (no more or less).

Conclude your project with an overall assessment of your bibliography. 

What is the place of Western society in this period?  

How did these sources help you come to this conclusion?


In attachment, I will put Proactive Reading Technique for 10 books. It will help you to write an evaluative summary of 150 words.


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