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I need help fixing my part of a paper another tutor done and has not fixed for me I do not have time I need this right away please it is writen already I just need it revised it keeps coming back plagorized. please help the part that is highlighted is what is showing up most.



Orientation, training and staff development are essential tools for guaranteed quality |operations in any institution. Training is one of the strategies for enhanced safety management. It is an incentive towards working hard and increasing the productivity of staff.


In his main theory, Herzberg points that factors which motivate people at work are different to and not simply the opposite of the factors that cause dissatisfaction at workplace.


He stresses that by satisfying the needs, desires and aims of employees, an organization achieves motivation to the employees. Maslow’s model is used to illustrate all this.


Anthony Landale (1999). Gower Handbook of Training and Development. Gower Publishing, Ltd. ISBN 9780566081224.


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