GER101 Older American Act and Social Security Reform Paper

Answer the following in separately
Paper 1

What is the significance of the Older American’s Act? How are funds distributed? What kinds of services are offered, and who benefits?
What is Social Security (with regard to older people), and how does it work? What are current challenges to the long-term feasibility of the program? Briefly state the main options for Social Security reform and present arguments for the option that you think will “save” Social Security.
What is Medicare? What does it cover and what does it not cover? What are some of the concerns associated with Medicare and its viability long term? How do you propose to “fix” Medicare? What changes would you make and why? What if anything would you drop or add? How would you pay for it and sustain it?
Older adults as a group are often accused of being selfish and using more than their fair share of resources. Why does this perception exist? Should we be allocating more or fewer resources to the elderly or is the current allocation sufficient? Justify your response, taking into consideration factors such as the aging demographic, the role of culture, the cost of providing services, and the cost of NOT providing services.

Paper 2
Discuss two diseases that older adults are susceptible to experiencing related to your chosen system( cardiac system) , two things that you should teach young adults about how to prevent this illness from happening to them in their old age, and two things you should teach older adults regarding managing this illness.

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