Geology Essay

Pick any two active (erupted within the last 50 years) volcanoes anywhere in the world to research.  Please make sure your two choices are in different parts of the world.  Please do not choose Mt. St. Helens, Kileaua, Mt. Etna, or the one in Sumatra that recently erupted.


The following information must be included in your report for each volcano:



            Location (country, latitude and longitude)


            Why does it exist? (hot spot, convergence plate boundary, divergent plate boundary, etc.)

            Facts about its recent eruption history, include some interesting or unusual activity.

            Type of eruption that usually occurs

            A location map for the volcano

            At least one image of the volcano (photograph, satellite image, etc.)

            List of references.


You may write this report in list form or paragraph form.  I prefer list form.


The following websites have some great information you might check out or at least will give you a place to start.



You must also reference the material you use in your report, which should include the URL and the date you last accessed the website.

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