For Smart Zena DB 3

Can you do this by Wednesday… US time  



400 words for the Z bond and 400 words  for NAS Tranche

As an assistant vice president at a regional bank, your boss has tasked you to find out about a new innovation in CMO structure called a Z Bond

  • Your boss wants you to do research on the Z Bond and explain what it is to him. 
  • In the context of the Z Bond, he has also heard of a NAS Tranche, and he also wants to know what that is and what risk it is designed to mitigate. 
  • Your Discussion Board posts must include 2 original posts (one on the Z Bond and one on the NAS Tranche) of at least 400 words for each of the 2 queries, and at least 5 responses of 200 words each to other students’ posts.

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