For Professor Geek Only

For Professor Geek Only

Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2014). Strategic human resource management: Concepts, controversies, and evidence-based applications. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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  1. HRM and the Organization

    There are many issues affecting organizations today, such as employee retention, flexible work schedule, contingent workforce, talent management, and work-life balance. Select one of these issues and discuss how it integrates with at least two of the functional areas of HRM that you have learned about (training development, recruiting and selection, performance and evaluation, compensation and benefits, etc.). 

    In your post, include at least three reasons why this issue is important to organizations. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

  2. How is it Going? 

    Answer the following questions:

    • Which of the topics presented to you thus far in this course has been most difficult to understand?  Why?
    • Which of the topics presented thus far in this course has been most interesting and important to you?  Why?
    • What are your recommendations to make this course better?

    Respond to at least two of classmates’ posts.



  1. Review Chapters 1 through 10 in Strategic Human Resource Management: Concepts, Controversies, and Evidence-based Applications.

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