For Nyanya Only, need help on these discussion questions ok thanks, i need 250 wds for each question thanks.

dq. 1 Find an article on the Internet concerning a hazardous waste problem, challenge, or issue in business that is or should be, by your estimation, regulated by RCRA. Briefly describe the issue presented in the article and provide a link to the article. Given RCRA’s requirements, critique whether RCRA is effective in protecting human health and the environment in regulating the handling of the hazardous waste that is the subject of the article that you found. What implications does RCRA have for business (e.g., temptations to pollute, burdensome paperwork requirements, ease or difficulty of compliance, necessity to employ environmental compliance experts, etc)? Your discussion must reflect an understanding of the U.S. legal system and RCRA’s role or place within that system. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.


dq. 2 Using the Internet, choose a video to watch from the Superfund redevelopment videos page of the Environmental Protection Agency site. From the video, explain the benefits of using cleaned-up Superfund sites for public purposes (e.g., soccer fields, public libraries, parks, shopping centers, government buildings, etc.) and whether you believe that such sites are safe to use for those purposes. As a business or an investor, would you consider investing in a brownfield to develop it? Why or why not?

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