FOR HOMEWORK PRO Initiating the Strategic Planning Process

Due Friday  7:00 pm New York Time

Research Question and Evaluation Design

1-2 Page APA Format Three References.  2 of these are  Provided a Pdf and a link


A brief description of theBoys and Girls Club of America. Explain why strategic planning is relevant to this organization. Then, identify critical components of the organization’s strategic planning process and explain why they are critical in terms of missions and goals.




McHatton, P. A., Bradshaw, W., Gallagher, P. A., & Reeves, R. (2011). Results from a strategic planning process: Benefits for a nonprofit organization. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 22(2), 233–249.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Kukreja, D. (2013). Strategic planning: A roadmap to success. Retrieved from http://Iveybusinessjournal.Com/Topics/Strategy/Strategic-Planning-A-Roadmap-To-Success#.Uzv79s2xba9

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