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Assignment Instructions – due 31 August


One of the principle concerns created by the co-locating of responsibility for both strategic analysis and covert action in the same organization is that policy options and use of covert action may contaminate or be contaminated by the process of strategic intelligence analysis. There is no independent judgment of the value, prospects, and risks of covert action other than that produced by the organization that recommends and prepares the covert action findings. The notion of a rogue elephant at the CIA, carrying out covert action operations across the globe at a very high tempo came to the fore during the Eisenhower Administration. The organizational responsibilities for covert action have remained the same since World War II. The midterm progress assignment focuses on this dilemma.

Please address the following question in a 4 page essay, complete with bibliography and citations. Be sure to demonstrate your command of the content, reasoning and logic, and above all you need a single main point in your introduction that is then substantiated and defended in the body of your paper. Please make your paper as professional as possible, with citations, cover page, etc.

Does having the CIA be the responsible body for carrying out covert action create a conflict of interest when CIA/National Clandestine Service is responsible for both covert action AND collecting and feeding information to CIA/Directorate of Intelligence for strategic intelligence analysis?



Turabian citation method:

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