Five Essay Questions Strategic Technology and Innovation


               FIVE  Strategic Management Essay Questions

           95 Minute Dead line

              Text Book Reference:

            Strategic Management of Technological Innovation    

3rd Edition  by Melissa A. Schilling

     1. Explain how an how an understanding of the innovation funnel might influence a company’s view of research and development?                                                                         


1.     Lately, computer users have been using USB jump drives to copy and store files. These are also called thumb drives, pen drives, and other names. These are small drives you can attach to a key chain and plug into any USB port and have the utility of a hard drive. The size of their memory varies from 16 kilobytes to several gigabytes. Assume you are the CEO of the Ajax Thumb Drive Company. How might you use the s-curve model to predict when to switch to a new technology? What would be the limitations of this approach?




2.     Why is the installed base of users of a technology that requires complementary goods so important to a company’s future success?


3.     Andrew designed a license plate holder for automobiles that attaches to a car in such a way as to make theft of the license plate practically impossible.  He has limited income and feels that he needs to protect his patent in numerous countries so he can sell his product there later on.  Explain how Andrew can accomplish this.


4.     Explain why the cash flows (profits minus costs) for a project that are expected to continue for 20 years need to be discounted. Why not simply use the amounts as they are? Would it make a difference if 80% of the profits came in during the first 5 years?






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