Essay english

Essay english

Choose a single theme (for example, descent into the underworld), or atype of myth (for instance, the flood), and compare its appearance in different cultures.

An important aspect of any such study requires that you move beyond merely describing the myth orarticulating the theme, but that you also consider the implications as the story moves from culture to culture. As you do your research, ask pertinent questions:

· If the theme remains the same, but the components of the myth vary, what do you make of those variations?

· If the same myth occurs across cultures and appears in many locales, what would you say that means?

· Why do you think the theme/myth arises across traditions and around the world?

No essay “prompt” requires that you answer each question or solve every mystery, but a writer should contribute thoughtful analysis to the subject at hand. Don’t simply re-describe the theme or the myth, try to show the reader why it’s significant to you

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