Essay 6-7 pages

Essay 6-7 pages

Need help please. Essay is due by midnight tonight or by 4am central time latest


You will analyze the connection between a philosophical, political, or regligious text and its significance to literary work. This essay requires you to identify relationships between the two texts, inspired themes/characters/ideas from that connection, and the historical discourse involved between the two texts. 

You should limit your two primary sources to the textbook(The Norton Anthlolgy: World Literature, Volume 1, Shorter 3rd Ed.)


Basic Requirements:

Page requirement is 6-7 pages. It must be 6 full pages. This does not include your works cited page. No more than 2 block quotes permitted.

MLA format is required

You must have 2 primary sources and at least 6 secondary sources

You must respond to the topic appropriately


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