Essay ( 4 Pages Double Spaced )

Essay ( 4 Pages Double Spaced )

This final project will require you to gather research material, analyze it, evaluate it, and bring it together to act as support for your writing. All options require strong critical engagement with both the focal primary text(s) and with the required peer reviewed sources.

General Requirements for the Project:

All submissions must:

  • use 3 peer reviewed sources in addition to whatever primary texts they discuss (and these sources must be used, actually cited, in the essay, not just listed in the works cited at the end)
  • be at least 1000 words long (about 4 pages double-spaced)
  • must be original to this class (no resubmissions from other courses are allowed)
  • contain a cover letter that responds to the Research Project cover letter questions
  • be in MLA format and use MLA style citations (see Research and Documentation Online for MLA formatting models; most of you sources will probably need to use the “work from a database” model)
BE CAREFUL that you do not create a cut and paste essay of information from your various sources; your ideas are to be the focus of the essay, and the research should only supplement and support your ideas. Also, take great care not to plagiarize; if in doubt, cite the source. See 
this document 
for the Research Project cover letter questions (these are different from earlier cover letter questions) and final draft checklist, and the
sample essay 
for an example of an MLA formatted essay.


The project grading rubrics are different depending on which prompt  you choose. Analytical projects will be graded using the Research Project Essay rubric , and creative projects will be graded using the Research Project Creative rubric.


DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.


Topic Choices for the Research Project

Choose 1 of the following prompts to guide your project. You should take on EITHER an analytical project ORa creative project, not one of each.


Analytical Options


Analytical projects will be graded using the Research Project Essay rubric.


Analytical Option 1: Revision. Choose 1 of your first 3 essays and substantially revise and expand it. It should be at least 500 words longer than your original, and the thesis should also change substantially to accommodate your research. When trying to decide how to incorporate the peer reviewed sources you find, think of the essay as a conversation with those sources, and focus your revision around constructing a cohesive, thesis-driven response to the views of those sources.


Analytical Option 2: Compare and Contrast. Choose 1 work that we read in class, and write a thesis-driven essay that focuses on comparing and contrasting it with another closely related work. These could include:

  • another work by the same author
  • a work that deals with a shared theme, setting, or character
  • a film version of the work
  • a song inspired by the work

Remember that the two primary works will not count toward the peer reviewed source requirement. You must have 3 peer reviewed sources IN ADDITION to your main work and comparative work.


In addition to meeting the general requirements outlined above, all analytical essays must:

  • Be thesis-driven
  • Incorporate both close reading of the focal text and engaged discussion of the required peer reviewedsources



Creative Options


Note that all of the creative options include a requirement for a 500-word minimum follow-up essay that is SEPARATE FROM and IN ADDITION TO the cover letter. Follow-up essays should be in MLA format and should follow the usual introduction-body-conclusion pattern. Creative projects will be graded using theResearch Project Creative rubric.


Creative Option 1: The Tale as Told by Another Character. Re-write a story from the point of view of a character other than the original protagonist/main character  (you may use any of the fiction—short fiction, poetry, or drama—for this, but write it as a short story). Use the required peer reviewed sources to help you determine your vision of that character, and make your re-writing 500-1000 words long.Include a follow-up essay of at least 500 words that explains why you chose to. 


Creative Option 2: Write the Eulogy. Choose 1 fictional character from any of the fiction we have read and write a 500-1000 word eulogy for that character. Directly reference the work itself and your critical sources using paraphrase and quotation, and include a follow-up essay of at least 500 wordsthat explains why you made the choices you did, and brings in your peer reviewed sources to help support your choices. Please note that “how to write a eulogy” type sources will NOT count toward your required 3 peer reviewed sources.


Creative Option 3: Shifting Genres. Choose 1 work from our assigned readings and re-write it as another kind of work, for instance, re-write a poem or play as a short story, or a play or short story as a poem. Make your re-writing 500-1000 words (if you want to try your hand at poetry, please consult the instructor regarding potential issues reaching this length), and include a follow-up essay of at least 500 words that explains why you made the choices you did, and brings in your peer reviewed sources to help support your choices.


In addition to meeting the general requirements outlined above, all creative projects must:

  • Explore a specific critical question about the work you are re-writing, and seek to communicate your answer to that question. Please state your guiding question and answer in your follow-up essay.
  • Explain how you came up with your critical question: what about the original work inspired this question?
  • Make use of the required 3 peer reviewed sources to gain a better understanding of the original text, the author, and the historical context of the original text, and to explain why you presented the original text as you did.

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