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U100 Artistic Cultural Event


As part of the U100 course, you are required to attend one artistic cultural event at CSUN during the semester. You can choose from the CSUN Art Gallery current exhibit, an event at the VPAC or the Theatre department’s Spring program line-up. After this experience, please submit a write-up according to the guidelines provided below.



General instructions:


Be sure to read any background or explanatory text/material associated with the event. Items such as program notes, lobby displays, exhibit captions and other documentary material can enhance your experience and broaden your understanding of the artists’ conception, vision, or intent.


It’s probably a good idea for you to read through the questions below before you actually attend the event or performance.


Your write-up should include the following:


  • The title of the event/exhibit/performance/concert/etc. along with basic information including date, time, and location.
  • Include an introductory paragraph that provides a description and enough detail about the nature and structure of the event to convey a vivid sense of it to the reader.
  • Reflect on your experience by responding to these questions (please number your answers and write well developed paragraphs):


1. What was the point of this event and how was it communicated? Do you think the production/concert/exhibit effectively achieves its goals?


2. What, if anything, did you notice or observe about other members of the “audience?” For example, was the theatre full, did people seem involved or interested, were the attendees diverse in age, gender, dress, etc., or were they a homogeneous group?


3. Have you experienced a similar event in the past? If so, how are these events similar? If not, how does this event compare to types of experiences you have had? Was this event what you “expected”?


4. What impressed or affected you the most, in what way, and why?


5. How did any written texts support the production or deepen your experience? (i.e., program notes, web site, etc.)  How did these texts help your understanding? Be specific.


7. What connections can you make between the ways the performers work together and your college experience? Are there any connections to The Postmortal in terms of messages, themes (use of material, use of efforts, community, etc)?


8. How did attending the event change your understanding of yourself, of someone else, or of the world around you?


9. Are there other issues that the questions above do not address? What are they?


In responding to the questions, be sure to avoid general statements that are not supported. Statements such as “I liked the performance,” or “I didn’t like the music” are useless opinions unless you explain why.




Papers should be at least 2 pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font with 1” margins on all sides.


See class schedule for due dates. You will upload your assignment to turnitin on Moodle.




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