Environmental Issues


1 Locate recent peer reviewed article (preferably less than five years old and at least five pages long) related to an environmental issue. Please provide a brief review of the article (not the full review that you will write in your article critique) in the Discussion Board and include an APA style reference for the article. It can be the same article that you use for your article critique


Make sure it is less than five years old need references




2Please discuss the benefits or drawbacks of biofuels, nuclear power, or reprocessing using your personal experiences or knowledge from reading.




3 Share with the class an experience where you have worked with or know someone with a work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD). What were the effects of this injury, and what was done to help the individual? If you don’t have any personal experience, then you may research a case study which dealt with an intervention to prevent a WMSD


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