English short summery

English short summery

I need to write a summery about the link that I will attacht. 

I need it to be simple with easy words because I’m international student. 

I need it to be orgnaized they way the teacher wants it. I will attacht the pictures of how she wants it.

The article is from newyorktimes.com, so I dont know if you have to write something like (from the “article name” “newyorktime” the (author name). I’m not good at writing but you should know what you should write down about.

The link: http://nyti.ms/1stQSor

The summery should be doouble space, font size 12.

It should’nt contain the authors idea and opinion not mine.

It should be written in my own words not the author words.

It should contain the main idea in the first sentence.

The summery should be half page or something like this not the whole page. 

Please dont use hard voc words because it will shows that its not me who wrote the summery.

I need it after 12 hours starting from now. 

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