economics need help 2

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economics need help 2

1.       “Consumer Choice and Demand” Please respond to the following:


•Speculate on how the time cost demands of health care (and other reasons) may have contributed to the lower observed demand for health care in the western United States. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

•Determine if the use of visits to health care providers acts as an adequate measure of service demand. Support your rationale.


2. “Asymmetric Information and Agency” Please respond to the following:


•Describe a non-health-related example where a high degree of information asymmetry exists and determine the mechanisms that have evolved to help consumers make more informed choices.

•Make at least three recommendations for reducing the amount and severity of information asymmetry in the health care industry. Provide specific examples (perhaps from drawing on the previous discussion question) to support your response.

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