This assignment has two parts:


  1. Review the sample RFP for a pharmacy CPOE system linked below, and identify four items that are missing from the RFP. To get you thinking, the four items are specifically related to patient safety, so think back to the CPOE content covered earlier in the course – what was important to ensuring patient safety? Add these four items to the appropriate section of the provided RFP and submit the updated file as part one of two documents for this assignment. 

RFP for a Pharmacy CPOE System

  1. After RFPs are completed by selected vendors, healthcare organizations must evaluate the results and information provided by the vendors. Using the information you read in the AHIMA articles about RFPs, write a one page (3-4 paragraph) paper describing the process of RFP analysis by a healthcare organization after the vendors have responded. Be sure to include an introduction and a conclusion to your essay. This essay is the second document you are submitting.

You should have 2 documents for this assignment.

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