Do a team and task analysis on the Disney Corporation

Create an eye-catching 8 to 12 slide PowerPoint® presentation based on Teams Needs Analysis of Disney. You will recommend a delivery methodology for the final project to the appropriate management of the chosen corporation. Your presentation must include at least the following:

  • A definition of a delivery method and how it would be applied for the project
  • Pros and cons of a different delivery method
  • A recommendation of the delivery method you chose

Coordinate with your team prior to working individually, so different delivery methods are discussed. (Review this week’s readings for instructional and delivery methods ideas). One team member, for example, might present an instructor led classroom delivery method, whereas another team member may present a Web-base method, and a third member may present a computer-based program, etc. (see figure 7.1 in Noe for additional ideas)After the final due date for the individual assignment passes, share your presentation with your Learning Team, so the team may hear your pitch or reasons why,  or why not to use a particular delivery method. Please do not share your individual instructor feedback with your team as that is between student and instructor. Since this is an Online class the presentation must include speaker’s notes for each presentation slide showing what you would say if you were delivering a 15 minute presentation. Do not double space speaker’s notes.

Include at least one peer-reviewed reference.


Format your presentation in a style consistent with APA guidelines. Remember header & reference sides do not count as part of the required number of slides.



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