disuccion board

disuccion board

1. The media plays an important role around the globe on educating cultures and countries on current events around the world. The media can sometimes misrepresent countries and cultures, so how could the media as a whole better accurately represent and include as many cultures and countries as possible in feeding the news to other countries and cultures? Would this involve journalists spending more time with anthropologists? Becoming anthropologists themselves? Conducting field studies? 

2. If the poor and under developed countries are being consistently undercut by more economically powerful countries, than is Global development or society and a Global economy the ethical answer?

3. With technology growing, it influences people on their decisions. If you are not educated, can technology influence you in the wrong way?

4. Advanced media can influence a lot of people around the world, especially the poor countries where they only have access to a couple of channels. The influential power of media can affect the people that don’t have any contact with the outside world. Can the media really be more influential on the more educated people?


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