Discussion Question- The history of anesthetics

Discussion Question- The history of anesthetics

This is a biochemisty and organic class that i am taking at an evangalical christian school and need a tutor that practicies christianity.


The assignment instructions are below:

Attached is page 416: Chemistry Link to Health: Ethers as Anesthetic. Please read and research the history of anesthetics and do the following questions.


-What were some of the earliest anesthetics that were used?  


-What are some of the anesthetics that we currently use?


-In your discussion be sure to identify the functional groups in the anesthetics and discuss the pros and cons of each one. 


-Also address the mechanism by which the anesthetic works.


Please use apa format, reference and cite the answers.


A substantial response of a minumn of 250 words is needed.




This instructor uses a program called “Turn It In” to check for plagarism. So please do not plagarize.

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