Discuss the negative and positive aspects of the developing

Paper – 30% of the final gradeThis paper will allow students the opportunity to apply the information that they have learned in class to the “real” world.
Given your new expertise in developmental psychology, a magazine (of your choice!) has asked you to write an article for the June issue. The editors want you to convey scientific information to a lay audience (i.e., people who have never taken a developmental psychology class before). Choose one of the following options:
1. Lamaze’s “Mortimer the Moose” is advertised as being appropriate for babies at birth. Describe the perceptual, motor, and cognitive competencies of newborns. Discuss the ways in which the toy is appropriate and inappropriate for newborns given these competencies. (what is appropriate for this age group and what is not)
2. Many parents complain about the “terrible twos.” Describe the key biological, cognitive, and social changes that occur around the age of 2. Discuss the negative and positive aspects of the developing competencies at this age in order to help parents see their children’s behaviours as more than simply “terrible.” (why would these be negative and positive aspects)
Students must support their arguments with material from lectures, the textbook, and research articles. The magazine article should be no longer than five double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins written in 12-point Times New Roman font. APA style must be used when referencing and a reference section must be included at the end of the article, but students do not have to adhere to any of the other rules of APA (e.g., running heads, manuscript headers, etc.). Students are encouraged to consult other magazines to see how articles are written. The professor will provide students with the marking key well in advance of the deadline.

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