Discusion question

Discusion #1

This week we explore the theme of socialization. The process of socialization is hard to identify sometimes because it is a never ending, all consuming process. We are constantly learning the potentials and limitations of our social lives. Primary and secondary agents of socialization are always hammering at us. The readings, as well as the PP identify the major “Agents of socialization” that shape our ideas and behaviors. We all know about the importance of the family as the primary agent of socialization so let’s think for a minute about the major Secondary Agents of Socialization that try to shape our lives. Look at yourself as an “object” for a few minutes and identify the major secondary agents of socialization that attempt to influence and socialize you into this society. Identify the agent and how tries to shape you (medium and message).


Answer must be atleast 250 words. Must be done in about 1 hour and a half from now doesnt have to be a whole page 250 words hsouldnt take much long but my deadline to turn it in is in 1 and a half hour 


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