Developmental Psychology

Research options for caring for infants, toddlers, and early childhood when both parents work outside of the home and do not have a family member to care for their child. Describe day care as one of the most common options in the United States today. Include all of the following in your paper.

  1. The specific city and state that you have researched
  2. What are the minimum standards of day care for infants, toddlers, and early childhood in the state that you have chosen?
  3. What are the guidelines for high-quality day care in the city that you have chosen?
  4. Which guidelines are most important for selecting a high-quality day care? 
  1. As a parent, would you be willing to place your child in a childcare center that only meets minimum standards? Why or why not?
  2. Describe one of the aspects of development (cognitive, physical, or socioemotional) in infants, toddlers, or early childhood that could be a problem when day care only meets the minimum standards for the age that you have chosen.
  3. Research the guidelines for day care in another country. Compare and contrast your findings to another country. Analyze the requirements and state your views about day care for children in another country as you compare your findings to the United States.


  • Research
    1. Information on day care from the city and state that you have chosen
    2. Information on day care from the country that is chosen
    3. Textbook information on the sixth item listed above
  • Written paper is designed as typical college writing standards for an essay paper
    1. Cover page
    2. Minimum  two to three pages (does not include cover or reference page)
    3. 12-point font
    4. Double-spaced
    5. 1-in. margins on top, bottom, and sides
    6. In-text citations (APA guidelines)
    7. Reference page (APA guidelines)

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