Design engineering

Design engineering

Design Brief

A college is looking for a device to transport different sizes of gas bottles safely around the fabrication workshop. You must consider serveral factors:

– Safety – The device must be safe for operation by average people.

-Storage – The gas bottles must be kept upright at all times.

-Size – The device should be a convenient size so that it can be easily stored in the workshop when not in use


Research your chosen product and describe, in writing, the environmental, sustainability and manufacturing constraints that would influence the design of this product. You will need to consider the following:

•Energy efficiency

•Environmental impact

•Constraints e.g. Environmental Protection Act

•End-of-life disposal e.g. recycling, material recovery

•Availability of resources

•Influence of physical and mechanical properties of a material in relation to manufacture methods

•Cost effective manufacture e.g. Set-up cost, production quantities

•Health and safety in the workplace


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