Debate: Employee Monitoring

Debate: Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring practices are often implemented without an employee’s consent or awareness. With technological advances making a wide variety of stealth monitoring techniques available, organizations face a challenging balancing act considering legitimate business concerns while respecting their employees’ right to privacy. In this Assignment, you will debate the issue of workplace privacy with your fellow students. Use the following guidelines for the debate:

First read the transcript of the NPR story on workplace cheating.

  • Read the transcript of the National Public Radio feature “Shirking Work
  • Then examine the following four areas of workplace privacy according to the guidelines listed below:
  • Drug testing 
  • E-mail privacy
  • Telephone conversation privacy
  • Personal privacy 

Students whose last names begin with the letters L through Z will be on Team 2. Respond to at least three policies as an employee. State whether you agree or disagree with management’s reasons for each and why. Students in the L through Z group should clearly indicate their position on the debate by beginning each Discussion post with the heading “EMPLOYEE VIEW.” Copy the “MANAGEMENT VIEW” policy into your post and follow with your response.

100 word apa with references

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