CRITIQUE PAPER and summary paper

CRITIQUE PAPER and summary paper


(Preliminary 2 page summary and bibliography)


This is my assignment. I put one files in attachment. The file about the CRITIQUE PAPER instructions you will use it to write the paper. There are two assignments should write it. They are CRITIQUE PAPER and Preliminary 2 page summary and bibliography. The CRITIQUE PAPER should be double-spaced and at least 4 full pages in length. Cover page, illustrations and works-cited page (5 references total, include 2 print sources) are in addition to the 4 full pages of text. Type 10 text. The artist that will write about is Pablo Picasso. So, choice two famous works for Pablo Picasso.

While the Preliminary 2 page summary and bibliography assignment will be 2 full double size pages type. Type 10 text. The summary paper should be general information with cited page that will write in CRITIQUE PAPER.

Due date will be on Thursday 9-10-14 in the night. I want the paper be free plagiarism because my professor uses plagiarism catch program. Finally, I want a quality work.

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