Correction and Penology

Subscribe PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING, AND SELECT AND POST YOUR TOPIC TO THIS THREAD. CJAD 350 requires that a Research Paper be completed and submitted during Week 7 of this course. It is worth 50 points and must be prepared in MS Word, double spaced and be properly cited and referenced in APA format. The paper must include a title page, reference page and a minimum of 12 pages of meaningful discussion. Students are not to write in first person. The paper must include a minimum of 8 references (with citations) and two of those must be from peer-reviewed academic journals. All writing assignments must be prepared in MS Word and be properly submitted through the Dropbox utility. No emailed papers will be accepted. Furthermore, “Turnitin” will evaluate all papers for originality. Should the instructor deem the “Originality Index” too high, the paper may not be accepted. Therefore, students must turn in original work and any material taken from outside sources must be properly cited. Recycled papers will not be accepted. •The Death Penalty – The Paper should minimally address the death penalty as the ultimate punishment, analyzing its deterrent effect, contrasting the arguments “for” and “against” the death penalty.

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