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Const. Mgmt




Suppose that you work for a design-build firm. As such, your company may be responsible for the design work of a project, as well as the building work (providing the construction). With this additional work, your firm will have additional responsibilities. This can include architectural design as well as engineering. There are also legal ramifications that your firm may have to address. In this case, the building your firm is working on is a multi-story commercial project. In your initial response, address the following questions:


•What are the additional responsibilities posed by designing and building the project?


•Will your firm be required to have a registered architect on staff?


•Will your firm be required to have an engineer on staff?


•Does the firm need to purchase additional liability insurance?


•What other potential risks are involved in this project?


In your response, be sure to describe the typical roles of each party involved in the project.






The quality of design and construction has a strong correlation to the team participants. The team participants will vary in number and disciplines, based on the scope of the project. Suppose that you are managing a significant project—a hospital, for example—and you have to assemble the team. In your response, answer the following questions:


•Which team participants, by discipline, would you include on the project?


•Why is each of these disciplines required for the project?


•Which team member would be in charge of day-to-day operations the project?


•What is the process for selecting a design team?




Please be sure to include references in APA format.


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