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business law 1






Section 3. Discussion – Due Next Tuesday @ 23:55




Instructions: Instructions Will NOT appear under future  Modules, but the topic question will be updated each week (Instructions also listed under Syllabus, Part III, Prospectus)




1.    The “Discussion Question” exercises are for the purpose of integrating textbook materials with that of the other assigned materials for this class on a per Module basis.


2.    An important aspect of this Module Discussion is an additional exercise in preparation for the Midterm and Final


3.    Participation in the Discussion Question is a required assignment for all Modules.  Go to Blackboard on the CSUB Home Page ( and CLICK on Runner Courses (Blackboard).  You will sign in to the class and go to Discussion Board for the Discussion Question.  You will find a threaded bulletin board for each Module.  This means that in addition to the Discussion you may also reply to your classmates’ answers.  
An asynchronous format will be followed allowing “in-put” at any time during the Discussion period. 


4.    These exercise are graded on a credit/no credit basis (5 points deleted for not participating for each Module).  For my own personal needs I do informally score each submission as to quality of the response.  If there is closeness within grade ranges, I use my scoring in deciding final grade between the close grade ranges for each student.


5.    Before answering the Module Discussion Questions, please read all textbook assignments and materials for the Module before formulating your answers.  This is NOT a “shoot from the hip” exercise.


6.  Also, each Module answer to the Discussion Question must include at least three paragraphs with five sentences in each paragraph for CREDIT.
7.  Note that the due date for participating is Tuesday evening by 23:59pm.


8.  If there are questions, let me know.


9.  If you need help in this process, contact the CSUB Blackboard, E-Learning Services at 661.654. 2307. 


The Question for this Module Discussion is in three parts:

(i) What is the purpose of applying law to business transactions and business entities? 
(ii) At what point is appropriate to create a new law addressing a business transaction and business entities?
(iii) What is (are) the most significant ethical dilemma(s) pertaining to the life-cycle of a business transaction?  Explain.





[REMINDER: Each Module answer to the Discussion Question must include at least three paragraphs with five complete sentences in each paragraph for CREDIT.]

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