bshs 385 ashim_ag only please!!!!

Select two scenarios from the following options:
    3.    A wife who is abused is in the hospital. She is unwilling to talk about her injuries or how she sustained them. You are the social

    4.  A successful business man is ordered to visit with a counselor to discuss his anger issues.      You are the counselor

  • ·         List five suggestions you might give to the client to help them contemplate change.(Diamondgotone)
  • ·        Outline a potential action plan for the client.(Diamondgotone)
  • List a minimum of 4 questions you would ask during your first meeting with the client.
o    Presentation consists of 4 slides.
·         The content is comprehensive and accurate.
·         The presentation focuses on necessary information.
·         The presentation includes pictures, graphics, or audio, as appropriate.

Main ideas are clear and supported by detailed explanation in the speakers notes.

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