“Blog” posts for english writing class.

“Blog” posts for english writing class.

I have to build a blog of the content of my choosing. I chose to write a blog about comic books for my english on the web class. I need to create 100 articles that are at least 600 words long, that are newspaper quality. 


I came up with the following  article subjects/tites:

What is manga?

Most famous marvel heros

Mos famous DC heros

History of the walking dead comics

How has 2000 AD maintained it’s popularity?

10 misconceptions about comic books

The fascinating world of vintage comic books

The history of Comic books and comic collecting

How to find out if your comic books are worth money

Who invests in comics?

How to get started in comic book investing

Most popular superman comic books

most popular x-men comic books

Most popular conan comics

Most popular avengers comics

Most popular war comics.

Most popular comics of the Golden age

Most popular comics of the Silver age

Most popular comics of the Bronze age

Most popular comics of the platinum age

Most popular comic book publishers

Most popular comic book writers

How comic books are made

Best comic books for children

Best comic books for teens

Best comic books for young adults

Best comic books for boys

Best comic books for men

Best comic books for girls

Best comic books for women

Best comic books to give as a present

Best comic books to recieve as a present

How to determine a comics value

Where to buy comics to invest in

How to grade comics

Which comic books will become valuable

Top 10 Super Heros: Who were they?

Top 10 Super Heroines: Who were they?

The best comic book apps for your Iphone or Ipad

Does the World need super heros?

How super heros have changed over the decades

Are super heroines important to gender equality? 

What are the best comic book based movies?

What should you know before you enter a comic shop?

What are Graphic Novels?

Who reads graphic novels?

Where should you shop for comics?

What are the best ways to read free comics online?

Top 10 sites to read comics online

Top 10 detective comics

Most popular Spiderman comics of all time

Most popular cartoon books of all time

Most expensive comic books of all time

Top 10 comic book villans of all time.

The most famous comic book villan.

The best batman comics

The best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) Comics

Comic books of the past vs. the present



However I need to come up with full quality articles every day until the semester ends in 50 days. I need 100 quality comic book articles. You will need come up with other interesting quality articles / titles. 


They must be:

100% authentic and unique content. (I cannot get in trouble for plagerism again! (last time i used this site)) 

They must be quality work, in perfect english including at least 1 image. 

They must be asthetically pleasing, detailed and factually acurate (researched with google)

They must be finished by the deadline, they can be finished before the deadline but cannot be late. 

I must recieve a 95% or higher for the work.


 If conditions are not met money back

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