Microorganisms and Nutrients


Directions: In this module, you have learned about nutrient cycles, and you have learned that one of the most important players in nutrient cycles is microorganisms.  Please read the “Prokaryotes” article.


Whitman, W.B., Coleman, D.C., and Wiebe, W.J. (1998). Prokaryotes: The unseen majority. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95(2): 6578-6583.


Note: You can find the above article in your iBoard course under Homework Assignment Instructions.


Write a three to five page paper in which you summarize and reflect on this very important article that was one of the first to point out the magnitude of nutrients stored in microorganisms.


The paper must be in proper APA format, have a references section, and site at least 2 peer reviewed articles.  Please use AAU’s LIRN Library to search for these articles.  You may utilize the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for a concise guide on how to use LIRN and for APA formatting guidelines.


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