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Part A


In recent years, the FCC and other bodies around the world have been removing spectrum dedicated to analog TV transmission and giving this spectrum for other uses. This tends to be low frequency spectrum that is highly desirable.

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of other uses of this spectrum.
  • How do you feel it should be fairly distributed?(3-4 paragraphs)



Part B


The performance of a WiMax network appears to be lower than expected and you suspect interference to be the cause. Write a 2 page letter to the FCC that requesting an investigation. The letter should include explanations of the following:

  • Test results you may have seen (spectral results taken at different points, packet retransmit requests and logs)
  • Symptoms observed (when low throughput is observed, in what direction)
  • A logical argument as to why this would indicate interference
  • A guess as to the type of interference causing the problem


You are free to invent the details as you go. (2-3 pages)

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