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Stages of life

I suggest you focus on the 5 sections of the exam- one section for each chapter covered Toddlerhood Young School Age Middle Childhood Early Adolescence Later Adolescence If it helps, make 5 different word documents-one for each section. You/Any student can get a good grade on Exam #2 as long as you follow the directions. […]

Refugees Discussion Post 1

What is a refugee? Where do they come from? Why? Where do they go? ref·u·gee . refyo͝oˈjē/ noun a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. “tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes” synonyms: émigré, fugitive, exile, displaced person, asylum seeker; boat people […]

english essay Technology and the future

Introduction: Start with hook ..it could be a question .. example:an article written by stephany coolnz . Stephany coolnz cobtain its fact … background (the intro should provide overview to the issue not source .DONT START WITH A QUOTATION OR CITATION. Thesis statement:should be three points clearly mentioned In looking forward approximately 30 years it […]

child welfare issue

Create a 3–4 page outline of your presentation in a Word document, ensuring that your presentation is appropriately tailored to your target audience, which is the family in the study. You may include images at the end of your outline, but they are not required nor will they count toward your required 3–4 page outline. […]

Islamic Art collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Take a (virtual) trip through the Islamic Art collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): http://bit.ly/1PfYZfR Imagine you are a curator of the Islamic Art collection at the LACMA and you have been asked to show three artifacts from the collection to a group of visiting University students. Which artifacts would you […]

Program Evaluation Discussion Question

To prepare for this Discussion, identify a program within an agency with which you are familiar, ( Casa McArther Guardian ad Litem) which could benefit from process evaluation and outcome evaluation. You do not need to identify the agency in your post. Also, review the different evaluation models highlighted in this week’s resources (needs assessment, […]

need respond to this discussion psychology

need respond to this discussion i attached almost all readings and video for it please right it good because this teacher is cutting points for any mistake PAY ATTENTION To DETAILS Confidentiality has been called the cornerstone of the counseling relationship but neither privacy nor confidentiality are guaranteed. There are narrowly defined exceptions when counselors […]

English 104 Bibliography Annontation

I Have attached Discussion #5 and based on Discussion 5 the research paper annotated bibliography needs to be done. The sources you find need to based on the topics talked about the discussion. RESEARCH PAPER ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY INSTRUCTIONS What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a list of citations that can include books, […]


Please Do Not Bid if you Do Not have the textbook: Toxic Faith, Experiencing Healing from Painful Spiritual Abuse Stephen Artburn & Jack Felton. HEALING FOR DAMAGED EMOTION DAVID SEAMANDS: NO PLAGIARISM, REFERENCE AND CITE WORK, Post the two assignments separate please. Learning Activity #3: Ethical Perspective Paper Find two websites that support a spiritual […]

​​Fundamental of arts

Fundamental of arts Please provide a web-link of the museum/gallery (including artwork) or studio/art-making demo you will discuss. Please provide the basic information such as artist name/instructor’s name, title of artwork, year it was created, medium, artistic styles, and etc. Please add your opinions, learning (including the reason you chose the work), and other discussion […]